Tiny Barbarian

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By Ame Dyckman, Author & Ashley Spires, Illustrator. Meet Tiny Barbarian! Tiny may be tiny, but he’s MIGHTY! (His imagination is, too!) When Tiny and his family walk by a retro movie theater poster, Tiny realizes he wants to be: “A BARBARIAN!” Just like ’80s fantasy movie character BOB THE BARBARIAN! Tiny doesn’t have Bob’s shining helmet, sturdy club, fuzzy cape, etc. But Tiny does have: A colander. A paper towel tube. That little rug that goes around the toilet. And a MIGHTY imagination! Tiny puts them all together, looks in the mirror, and… He is TINY BARBARIAN! With his Battle Kitty by his side, Tiny Barbarian defends his realm, protects his family, and defeats “A DRAGON!” “A TROLL!” And even, “GIANT BROCCOLI!” But at bedtime, our brave Tiny Barbarian meets his most challenging foe of all: “THE DARK!” Can Tiny conquer THIS?! For ages 4 and up.