Heroes Wear Masks : Elmo's Super Adventure

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Superheroes wear masks! Come along as Elmo's gets ready to go off to school and be a mask hero! Today is a very exciting day—it's Elmo is heading off to school, and he wants to be a school superhero! Join Elmo as he gets ready like a hero and learns about wearing masks and hand washing. It's going to be a SUPER day! Millions of children going to school this fall will face new routines that could be strange or intimidating for the youngest ones. With the help of Elmo and his mommy, this all new story from world-renowned education brand Sesame Workshop will help children combat school anxiety and understand new experiences like wearing masks, frequent hand washing, and social distancing. Heroes Wear Masks reminds readers that it's super to help everyone stay healthy! For ages 3 and up.