The Gilded Girl


By Alyssa Colman, Author. This sparkling debut middle-grade fantasy, set in Gilded Age New York City, follows two girls at an elite magical boarding school who form an unlikely friendship to save magic. Any child can spark magic, but only the elite are allowed to kindle. Those denied access to kindling will lose their magic before they turn thirteen. In 1906 New York, Miss Posterity’s Academy is the best kindling school—and Emma Harris is used to the best. But when her father dies, leaving her penniless, Emma must work off her debts to Miss Posterity alongside Izzy, a servant girl who refuses to let her magic be snuffed out. When a student’s kindling goes wrong, Emma and Izzy form a pact to help one another, and together embark on a journey to keep magic in the right hands. . .or risk losing it forever. For ages 8 and up.