Georgie's Best Bad Day

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By Ruth Chan, Author & Illustrator. Summary Georgie and Friends, the adorable crew from Where's the Party?, are back in a new picture book . . . but they're having a bad day! When Georgie the cat wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, it's the start to a very bad day. His friends are also grumpy, so Georgie vows to turn their day around. They try their favorite things, from making pickles and knitting to baking a cake, but these all lead to disastrous results. When Georgie ends up with his head stuck in a pickle jar, he's furious. And ridiculous! Georgie and his friends erupt in laughter and manage to ruin their bad day and make it the best day. With Ruth Chan's adorable art and wonderfully charming story, Georgie's Best Bad Day proves that any day can be saved as long as you're with your friends. For ages 3 and up.