101 Silly Easter Jokes for Kids


101 Silly Easter Jokes for Kids is filled with funny knock-knocks, egg-cellent puns, and delightful gut-busters that kids will love reading, sharing, and telling.

Discover the ultimate laugh-out-loud joke book for kids that's all about celebrating Easter! Inside, kids will find clean, fun jokes like:

What is the Easter Bunny's favorite state capital?
Albunny, New York!

What did the silly kid eat on Easter?
Hot cross puns.

Why did the Easter Bunny have to fire the assistant duck?
Because he kept quacking all the eggs!

What do you call a rabbit who works in a bakery?
A yeaster bunny!

What do you call a chocolate Easter bunny that was out in the sun too long?
A runny bunny.

. . . .And many more!