A modern classic about love, hope and the dreams that sustain us, from the acclaimed creators Michael Rosen and Daniel Egnéus.

The Cold is coming, and it’s time for Big Bear and Little Bear to get ready for the Big Sleep: for bears sleep all winter long, and wake up in the spring. But Little Bear is worried. What if they run out of dreams during the Big Sleep?

And so, Little Bear sets out bravely to find enough dreams to see them through the long winter. On his journey, he discovers dreams of happiness, dreams of homecoming, and dreams of hope.

But with the Cold approaching fast, will Little Bear make it back home in time for the Big Dreaming?

A resonant and uplifting tale from a master storyteller, Bear’s Big Dreaming is a classic picture book in the making, complete with luminous illustrations by award-winning Daniel Egnéus. For Ages 3 and up.