Big Nate Goes for Broke

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By Lincoln Peirce, Author & Illustrator. How would you like to be eleven years old, four and a half feet tall, and the all-time record holder for detentions in school history? Meet Nate Wright, sixth grade Renaissance Man and serious mischief maker. In Book 4, Nate is back in action. This time, daredevil Nate’s quest to achieve his destiny (you know...greatness) lands him in the hospital with a broken bone. His family and friends are eager to help him cope, but they soon tire of his increasingly ridiculous demands. Meanwhile, P.S. 38 is in competition with its biggest school rival and Nate wants to save the day. Will Nate catch a break this time? Or will he be sent to detention, AGAIN? Somehow he sails through. Because Nate’s destined for greatness. For ages 8 and up.