David Roberts' Delightfully Different Fairy Tales

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By Lynn Roberts-Maloney, Author & David Roberts, Illustrator. A humorous, stylish, and empowering retelling of three classic fairy tales Star illustrator David Roberts joins forces with his author sister, Lynn, for the retelling of three classic tales: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel. These stories have a feminist twist with leading ladies full of personality. David Roberts and Lynn Roberts-Maloney introduce Cinderella as a 1920s flapper girl who spends an evening in a beautiful art deco ballroom; Sleeping Beauty as a 1950s sci-fi nerd who pricks her finger on a record player and is woken by a resourceful young historian; and Rapunzel as a groovy 1970s chick who lives in a tower block! These are classic fairy tales for a modern audience. For ages 3 and up.