Flower Beds in Holland 3D Clay


Sometimes in this crazy world you have to spend time for yourself.

It’s time to at least sometimes be with you. Time to listen in silence to your thoughts and desires.

We have created a unique recipe for the mass, which does not stick and does not leave marks on the hands, is easy and soft to apply, and the colors, mixing, form harmonious transitions.  Squeeze the mass with your fingers, watch the colors mix.  Listen to the change of sensations from the softness and warmth of the mass to the roughness of the canvas.

 Do as you wish.  There are no restrictions.

Stretch your fingertips along the paths between the rows of flowers, feel the texture of the canvas, imagine that you take a deep breath of the fresh scent of tulips.  What bouquet will we collect today?

The fields and the endless sky are waiting for your touch to come to life.  Open the blue and white colors, mix the air mass with light movements.  Let go of your control, let the case decide what kind of weather awaits us today. Create your own unique masterpiece, even if it seems impossible.  You can do more than you imagine!  Create, and let the whole world wait! In the box you will find everything you need: sticks with air mass, selected colors, ready to use professionally stretched canvas, wooden stack. For Ages 12 and up. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts. Not for children under 3yrs.