Hardy Boys Adventures Special Collection

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By Franklin W. Dixon, Author. The Hardy brothers solve Bayport’s toughest mysteries in this beautifully redesigned, collectible set of the first ten Hardy Boys Adventures. Smart, resourceful, and perceptive, Frank and Joe Hardy can be counted on to crack the case. They’re familiar with encountering danger along the way, but from tracking a jewel thief to surviving a blizzard, the brothers are faced with some of the most perilous adventures yet. In these ten page-turning mysteries, they’ll have to stay on their toes to catch the culprits…and survive the search. With all-new covers only available in this collection, this thrilling paperback boxed set includes: Secret of the Red Arrow, Mystery of the Phantom Heist, The Vanishing Game, Into Thin Air, Peril at Granite Peak, The Battle of Bayport, Shadows at Predator Reef, Deception on the Set, The Curse of the Ancient Emerald, and Tunnel of Secrets. For ages 8 and up.