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Did you realize how much math you are already using when playing computer games, planning a trip, or baking a cake? This book shows how to expand the knowledge you’ve already got, how your brain figures things out, and how you can get even better at all sorts of math. Explore amazing algebra, puzzling primes, super sequences, and special shapes. Challenge yourself with quizzes to answer, puzzles to solve, codes to crack, and geometrical illusions to inspire you, and meet the big names and even bigger brains who made mathematical history, such as Pythagoras, Isaac Newton, and Alan Turing. Whether you’re a math mastermind or numbers nerd, or are completely clueless with calculations, train your brain to come out on top. How to Be a Math Genius explains the basic ideas behind math, to give young readers greater confidence in their own ability to handle numbers and mathematical problems, and puts the ideas in context to help children understand why math really is useful and even exciting! Fun, cartoon-style illustrations help introduce the concepts and demystify the math. For Ages 9 and up.