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By Kathleen Gros, Author & Illustrator. Graphic novelist Kathleen Gros delivers a modern-day adaptation of Little Women as told through the eyes of thirteen-year-old eighth grader Jo March. A must-read for fans of Raina Telgemeier. Jo March has always loved making up stories for her sisters, Meg, Beth, and Amy. But when eighth grade starts, Jo decides it’s time to get serious about her writing and starts a blog to kick-start this journey. Then Freddie, a girl on the school newspaper, asks Jo to join as a staff writer. This could be the perfect chance to see if she’s got what it takes to be a hard-hitting journalist. But even with Freddie cheering her on, writing news stories is a lot harder than she imagined. That’s not all that’s tough. With the March sisters’ dad deployed overseas, their mom working overtime to keep things running smoothly, and Beth worried about her leukemia returning, things at home are tense. And while it helps having a new friend in Laurie, the boy who just moved in next door, things get complicated when he tells Jo he has feelings for her. Feelings that Jo doesn’t have for him . . . or for any boy. Feelings she’s never shared with anyone before. Feelings that Jo thinks she might have for Freddie. How do you discover who you want to become when you’re not entirely sure who you are? Jo March is about to find out. For ages 8 and up.