Mercy Watson Boxed Set: Adventures of a Porcine Wonder

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Oh, Mercy! Pig out on the first six adventures in the New York Times best-selling series, all tucked together in one enticing box—the perfect gift! Foiling a robber, driving a car, squeezing into a tutu—is there anything the porcine wonder won’t do in her single-minded pursuit of treats, buttered toast, or just a rollicking fun time? And who knows what other adventures twinkle in her mischievous eyes? Here, for Mercy Watson’s loyal fans and new friends, comes a big fat paperback collection of pig tales that will have readers squealing with delight. Included are: 1.Mercy Watson to the Rescue - 2. Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride - 3. Mercy Watson Fights Crime - 4. Mercy Watson: Princess in Disguise - 5. Mercy Watson Thinks Like a Pig - 6. Mercy Watson: Something Wonky This Way Comes. For ages 5 and up.