In this cozy picture book about friendship, Mole anxiously decides to journey through underground tunnels to attend a party.

Mole is invited to Rabbit's birthday party, which is very worrisome. Mole knows that the crowd at this party is going to be too much. Mole worries while getting ready to leave and keeps worrying all the way through the tunnels, under the forest, through Snake's burrow, past Bear's den, and all the way to Rabbit's door. But just before walking into the party, Mole meets Skunk. With Rabbit's support, the two of them quickly become friends and decide to have a smaller, more comfortable party for two. With warm and sweet illustrations, every page is an invitation to look and look again. Readers can follow Mole's tunnel as it connects from one page to the next, learning along the way that everyone can make friends, even if some parties are quieter than others. For Ages 4 and up.