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A gentle and light-hearted tale about friends, family, and ferris wheels, Richard and Lewis Edwards-Middleton’s debut children’s book shows a world where there are all kinds of families, and they are all equal. Liam has just one thing on his mind: making it to the ferris wheel to use his ticket. There’s just enough time to check out the rest of the carnival, where his friends are playing games, eating popcorn, and going on rides with their parents and guardians. But when Liam’s ferris wheel ticket gets lost, it’s a race against time for him and his friends to find it. This fun and funny picture book represents all sorts of families and all sorts of children. With vibrant illustrations to accompany the narrative, this children’s book is perfect for adults to share with their little ones to help them understand that we are all different yet also all the same. For Ages 3 and up.