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By Gail Gibbons, Author & Illustrator. Summary Autumn’s favorite vegetable takes the spotlight in this bright board book! Bright orange pumpkins, glowing as jack-o-lanterns or baked into pies, are a favorite part of the autumn season—and in this simple board book, celebrated nonfiction author Gail Gibbons turns her skills to introducing them to a young audience. Bright, detailed illustrations and easy, kid-friendly text will teach kids all about pumpkins: different kinds, how they grow, and how people use and enjoy them—especially at Thanksgiving and Halloween. Seeds turn into vines and flowers—and soon into round pumpkins, small and large, for people to sell, decorate, and cook! A great gift for curious toddlers or an ideal Halloween party favor, Pumpkins is perfect for very young readers, full of information and a huge helping of fun. For ages 2 and up.