Ralph S. Mouse

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By Beverly Cleary, Author & Jacqueline Rogers, Illustrator. The beloved author Beverly Cleary has created a dashing hero with lasting appeal, as memorable in his way as Ramona and Henry Huggins. Ralph S. Mouse and his motorcycle adventures have entertained millions of children more than fifty years—and this time, with spectacularly fresh illustrations by Jacqueline Rogers (who has also illustrated the books about Ramona Quimby), Ralph will charm a whole new generation of readers. Ever since he can remember, Ralph S. Mouse—the "S" stands for "smart"—has lived at the Mountain View Inn. But when the manager threatens to rid the place of mice, Ralph hops a ride to elementary school with his friend Ryan. Once he’s at school, friendly teacher Miss Kuckenbacker decides Ralph should be made to run a maze. Ralph gets scared—what if he can’t complete the maze? What if he’s not actually smart after all? For ages 8 and up.