Snow Friends

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By Margery Cuyler, Author & Will Hillenbrand, Illustrator. Summary A charming winter picture book about friendship and dogs set against a perfect snowy day. Snow! Snow! And more snow! Oscar was itching to go outside, but the house was as quiet as a sleeping puppy. No one was awake, not even his boy Matt. When Oscar finally gets out to play, he can’t resist the chance to run away and pursue his how own wintry escapades. He builds an igloo, he makes a doggy angel, and he even goes ice skating—all with the help of his new friend Daisy. But the best part of this snow day comes when Oscar’s boy and Daisy’s girl join them for a cozy igloo huddle. This seasonal friendship story has all the timeless understated charm of Wolf in the Snow and When It Starts to Snow—by the team who created the bestselling The Biggest, Best Snowman. For ages 3 and up.