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We all know about the guy in the red suit at the North Pole. But what if the world’s toymaker was a little boy? From the author and illustrator of Shy Willow comes the adorable little Toymaker, who makes wonderful toys… not for children, but for their grandparents and other older folk. (People often forget that they, too, like toys!) But it isn’t always easy. One morning, an old woman brings the little Toymaker a candy tin she played with as a girl. The little Toymaker takes the tin and TA-DA! comes back with a sparkling new toy for the old lady. But it seems that what she truly wants was lost a long time ago. And it will take all the Toymaker’s skill, magic, and empathy to bring it back for her. A new holiday classic for a new generation, The Little Toymaker is the perfect story to share between generations young and old(er). For Ages 4 and up.