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By Kit Lively and David Lewman, Authors & David DeGrand, Illustrator. Lila’s saliva’s alive! This illustrated book of 150 tongue twisters for kids 7 and up features saliva, mucus, and all things yucky, plus riddles, comics, and facts on the same (repulsive) theme. So gross and so funny! Say this ten times fast: Big bedbugs bite pet pugs’ butts! Featuring the funniest things in life––like barf, drool, mucus, pus, and gas––Twisted Tongues is an excellent collection of more than 150 tongue twisters, all sure to gross out your parents. Use the Twist Level meters to gauge your skill and challenge others in mouth-mangling twister games. Then enjoy riddles told by two talking boogers! There’s loads to learn, too: Did you know that ancient Romans scraped off their skin’s oil and sweat and sold it as medicine? Ewwwww.