What Lane? (HC)

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By Torrey Maldonado, Author. "STAY IN YOUR LANE." Stephen doesn't want to hear that--he wants to have no lane. But as a mixed kid, he sometimes feels like he's part of two different worlds, riding in two different lanes. Even his friends are split into two separate groups--and he's starting to spot different ways white strangers treat him when he hangs with his white friends. Can a kid of color do everything his white friends can? After all, they're all riding in the same lane, right? Or in a world that divides people by race will they end up in different places? Hold on tight for a thrill ride with Stephen as he swerves in and out of every lane on a journey to discover that life is about choosing the lanes you want to be in, the friends you want to keep, and where you want to go. Torrey Maldonado, author of the highly acclaimed Tight, does a masterful job showing a young boy coming of age in a racially charged world, trying to blaze a way to be his best self. For ages 10 and up.