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Incredible historical and contemporary stories explore the often surprising origins of the math we use today, from number sequences to trigonometry. Crazy facts, magic tricks, and mathematical brainteasers will amuse and entertain even the most reluctant math students. Find out why an hour has 60 rather than 100 minutes and how prime numbers keep the internet working. Colorful and uncluttered illustrations make mathematical explanations easy to grasp in seconds and make this user-friendly book simple to navigate and a joy to browse and read. What's the Point of Math? is perfect for those who need some inspiration when it comes to numbers. It combines stories from history with simple visual explanations to bring math to life. From spotting a bargain to talking to computers, from filling in a giant sinkhole to becoming a trillionaire, it shows children why core math ideas were invented and how to apply them today--in the classroom and the real world! Accompanying the fascinating stories are puzzles, games, and amazing facts, as well as a lively challenge to help bring each of the topics to life. Stylish, colorful illustrations make the math fun and unintimidating, while simple diagrams and steps make explanations easy to grasp in seconds. Throughout the book, worked examples show readers how to solve simple math challenges, encouraging children to develop math skills with hands-on practice. A vocational theme runs throughout the book, showing why math is a vital skill in many fields of life, from science and commerce to sports and travel. For ages 9 and up.