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Wobbel 360: a new spin on the Wobbel Board! You can balance (it's a little easier, because of the softer curve). You can sit (and maybe invite a friend to join you). You can spin (it's kind of like a playground merry-go-round). With a little effort, the Wobbel360 walks with you: the Wobbel Walk. For moms and dads (and kids, too!), you can turn over the 360 and use it in a standing environment. You never stand completely still, so you can work and learn while moving. The felt bottom works on solid floors, because it is going to be spun around: the pressed felt is not recommended on carpets and other soft floors, where it won't spin easily. Pressed felt is a recycled material, immensely strong, and easily maintained. Made of FSC Certified Beech wood in Belgium. For ages 3 and up.